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Simmons and Sons Construction is focused on our clients’ unique needs in reinvestment.  We intimately know the needs of our clients and care about your market. We perfect your brands’ standards and design specifications to deliver quality services for fast-track projects, consistently. We make it our business to finish each project with the highest of expectations to strengthen your business and brand.

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With over 100 years of combined experience, our expertise in the franchise market produces high-quality production and optimal customer satisfaction.The team at  Simmons and Sons  Construction provides an exceptional experience in full-service construction management.  
Tomm Simmons
Tomm SimmonsFounder/President
Tomm Simmons has a unique passion for restaurants and commercial kitchens! Starting with the Sonic Franchise as a young man, he quickly accelerated through the franchise industry demonstrating his leadership skills with Facilities and Construction Management teams across the United States. Recognizing the value of the relationship with a contractor in his corporate role, he saw a need in the industry. Building on his passions, he started Simmons & Sons Construction. Focusing on franchisee client relationships, capital re-investments and fast track turnarounds for his clients, he has created a business for a niche market and clientele.
Steve Labbe
Steve LabbeProject Manager
Steve Labbe’ is a veteran in two meanings of the word.  He has served our nation in the US Air Force, and he also is a veteran of our industry.  Steve began in the residential construction industry in the mid 1980’s. During that time, he worked for a family business located in Long Island.  After serving in the Air Force, he went to school to learn Construction Management and Architectural Design and then applied his studies to projects throughout Florida. As a lead in the field, he operates his teams with precision and high expectation. He remains committed to minimizing disruption to daily operations and delivers with complete accuracy. Communication is a strength for Steve and his team. As a client, you’ll always know how your project is progressing.
Kevin Eggemeyer Estimator and Purchasing Agent
Kevin Eggemeyer has an extensive background in estimating and purchasing. With a keen attention to detail and processes, his projections are detailed and precise. Among his many skills and assets, his ability to value engineering projects and create packages for investment through processes and procedures reigns superior. His focus allows Simmons and Sons to provide accurate cost figures and timelines that are solid and deliverable every time.

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